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Enabling an efficient transition to a virtualized server environment

Organizations are under pressure to tighten IT budgets, curb server sprawl, and increase system flexibility and innovation. Many are considering virtualization. IBM Migration Services for Microsoft® Windows® Server® 2008 and IBM Server Optimization and Integration Services - Microsoft® Server Virtualization assess which option is right for you, design your solution, and complete your implementation of the newest release of the Windows operating system. This solution provides you with the experienced IBM resources and skills to upgrade your infrastructure and take advantage of a virtualized server infrastructure while allowing your IT staff to concentrate on business-critical tasks knowing that IBM will help provide you the expertise needed for a successful migration and virtualization engagement.



Service detail

Service details

Simplifying server migration with a well-planned and well-executed rollout

With IT budgets under heightened pressure, it's crucial to optimize your current computing power, yet many organizations use only 15% of their server capacity. Power, cooling and floor space are increasingly expensive. A fragmented server environment can create tough-to-manage server sprawl and impact application availability?as well as increase Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). But upgrading your infrastructure can require resources and expertise that you might not have in-house. And such an upgrade can distract your key technical staff from operational tasks and strategic responsibilities.

IBM Migration Services for Microsoft® Windows® Server® 2008 and IBM Server Optimization and Integration Services? Microsoft Server Virtualization can help you decide if the virtualization of your server environment and upgrading to the latest version of the x86 Windows Server operating system is a viable solution for your organization. Experienced IBM services specialists will assess your current environment. If Microsoft Windows Server 2008 and Microsoft Hyper-V™ are right for you?for example, if you could benefit from 64-bit support and virtualization?they'll help you architect the new infrastructure and install the new operating system.



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