Implementation Services for Parallel Sysplex

Implement a Parallel Sysplex environment to turn your expanding infrastructure into an effective, resilient foundation

Embrace growth without complexity

IBM Implementation Services for Parallel Sysplex®, part of IBM Server Optimization and Integration Services, is designed to help your organization implement and optimize a Parallel Sysplex envrironment that can enable you to turn your expanding infrastructure into an effective, resilient foundation that can adapt to new technologies and support opportunities for growth.

IBM can help turn your server infrastructure into a foundation for success

IBM Implementation Services for Parallel Sysplex is designed to help identify where you can improve your existing server infrastructure quickly and at the most reasonable price. If you are running in a single-system image and would like to migrate to Parallel Sysplex technology to take advantage of benefits such as workload balancing, higher availability and data sharing, we can help. Or if you currently use sysplex technologies and want to fully exploit the benefits of implementing a Parallel Sysplex environment, you can turn to IBM to support your efforts.



With this service, you can gain access to IBM's extensive experience with Parallel Sysplex technologies as well as IBM's proven methodologies, expertise and best practices-helping to make the entire implementation process smoother and less risky. And IBM provides training to help your internal IT professionals gain the knowledge needed to manage your infrastructure in the future. You can choose from among eight defined-price modules, available for individual purchase, to ac hieve the best fit for your unique requirements and budget:

Service detail

Service details

IBM helps you address your distinctive needs and environment-from assesment and planning to implementation and deployment-and remains available to help you every step of the way.

Expertise you can rely on

Making improvements to your server infrastructure can be intimidating-perhaps even prohibitively scary. But that fear typically is a result of not having resources who fully understand the technology. What you need is a trustworthy, knowledgeable resource to help guide and support you throughout the entire implementation process. IBM is that resource.

With intimate knowledge of Parallel Sysplex technologies-IBM is the original developer-and thousands of sysplex implementations worldwide, we offer expertise and experience to help you optimize your Parallel Sysplex environment. Furthermore, IBM solutions are designed to help you achieve a more rapid return on investment (ROI).

We can work with you to assess and identify which module or modules can best meet your specific business needs and environment. And we can help enable you to manage, operate and take full advantage of Parallel Sysplex capabilities long after IBM has left the premises.

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