Remote migration product services from IBM

Reduce your server migration costs with remote service delivery

Migrating your server environment to the latest virtualization technologies can help you reduce costs and support business growth. The challenge is often finding the skills and scheduling staff to plan and perform the migration. Remote migration product services from IBM help provide you with flexible, cost-effective server migration services through a remote team of dedicated IBM server specialists, enabling a quicker return on your technology investment.



Service detail

Service details

Enabling flexible, cost-effective server migrations for a faster return on investment

Upgrading to and exploiting advanced server technologies can help you support the evolving needs of your business. However, daily demands on your IT staff may take priority over planning and implementing a successful migration. The inability to focus can delay your ability to realize the potential of your new systems.

With remote migration product services from IBM, you gain access to a highly skilled team of server migration professionals. Through remote access to your systems, our dedicated server migration specialists schedule and perform your server migration to help limit business disruption and downtime. Our offering is designed to provide a more affordable, reliable way to migrate your systems so your in-house staff can focus on higher priority business initiatives.

Our portfolio of remote migration product services provides support for AIX®, Power Systems™, pSeries®, eServer™ and other IBM selected products with the option to purchase as a ServicePac® including:

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