Integrated managed infrastructure services

Simplify infrastructure management with modular services from one vendor

Clients and employees expect continuous access to your services. You need to keep your systems up and running, but monitoring and managing a vast, multivendor infrastructure is not a simple task. IBM offers a catalog of customizable monitoring and management services that can help. Read the data sheet.



Service detail

Service details

Monitoring and managing your multivendor IT infrastructure can be complex, costly and time consuming. Many organizations want to deliver services continuously, but they may not have the resources in house to do so. Meanwhile, systems downtime can put your organization at risk for revenue loss and eroded brand trust.

IBM Server Managed Services – integrated managed infrastructure provides a catalog of customizable monitoring and management services to help administer your server environment. Our flexible approach allows you to select and pay for only the services you need.

Our offering features:

We have the resources and expertise to deliver time-tested services with more predictable and consistent results. IBM draws on experience amassed from managing critical infrastructure components at more than 400 data centers worldwide.

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