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Use an automated, pattern-driven approach to help streamline cloud software deployments

If your business is like many on the cutting edge, you're investing in a cloud solution to meet the need for faster innovation. But provisioning your infrastructure and applications with manual and semiautomated methods can be time consuming and costly. Need a way to accelerate and automate deployments in your cloud environment?

IBM rapid deployment services for cloud helps you speed time to market by enabling faster workload provisioning. Using 200-plus platform-as-a-service (PaaS) patterns, we can automatically provision and deprovision software and virtual machines to help reduce complexity, time and error rates. The service also configures the patterns to your unique cloud environment and supports them for the term of the service.


Rapid deployment services for cloud features

Using a pattern-driven approach, IBM can integrate and automate middleware and databases to help you provision in minutes rather than weeks to:


Patterns for Cloud Builder

More than 200 patterns are available for a wide range of vendor products. Patterns can be deployed individually or combined as an integrated solution to provide the content for your PaaS environment. This approach automates and standardizes the software deployment, installation, configuration and integration process, allowing you to easily provision your platform software in minutes.


Key considerations for deploying a private cloud

Listen to IBM subject matter experts discuss key considerations for designing and deploying a private cloud solution

  • Why deploy private cloud in the hybrid cloud era?. Business value!. Agility!

Why deploy private cloud in the hybrid cloud era?

Core differentiators to maximize private cloud's transformative business value


Why IBM?

For years, IBM has used automated application pattern-deployment technologies to deliver operating efficiencies to more than 70 clients globally in a variety of industries. IBM's real-world experience helps clients realize the value of cloud. This includes more than 9,000 successful cloud projects and more than 1 million virtual machines under management. Today, 50 percent of Fortune 50 companies work with IBM on private clouds, and 80 percent of Fortune 100 companies actively use IBM's cloud capabilities. Our management, integrated cloud architecture, and mature tools and methodologies enable IT organizations to shift their focus from day-to-day infrastructure management to more strategic business priorities.


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