Private cloud implementation for Flex, PureFlex, Power and System z

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Enable a faster, more efficient deployment of a private cloud

Business booming? Competition looming? You need a flexible cloud infrastructure that can capture new business value through innovation and speed while helping reduce operating costs and complexity. But deploying advanced virtualization features and a private cloud solution requires certain skills. How do you choose a provider? If better network capacity and virtual machine (VM) migration performance are on your list, then the answer is easy.

Private cloud implementation for IBM® Flex, IBM PureFlex®, IBM Power® and IBM System z® can help you more quickly optimize your virtualization and cloud capabilities.

Why deploy private cloud in the hybrid cloud era?

Whether deployed onsite or offsite, individually or as part of a hybrid, hosted or managed by a third party, private clouds have become a major catalyst for business growth and differentiation while managing highly sensitive information. Today they are dominating the cloud conversation and the focus is on deployment.

Private cloud implementation for Flex, PureFlex, Power and System z features

IBM helps you plan, design, test and implement a more flexible and robust private cloud. Our broad range of services helps you achieve:

Why IBM?

As a leading provider of cloud computing solutions, IBM can support a wide range of cloud-based services to help establish a more reliable cloud foundation in your IT environment. We use skilled cloud and server specialists and time-tested methods to facilitate a faster and more streamlined deployment of a Linux-based private cloud. IBM has delivered thousands of private cloud engagements in heterogeneous IT environments worldwide and can enable a more rapid cloud implementation to help deliver value more quickly.

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