Server services

Data Center Services

Build, optimize and manage a more flexible server infrastructure

Business demands are constantly growing. To keep up, you need a dynamic, optimized server infrastructure that can adapt to whatever comes your way.

IBM Server services helps your organization build a more optimized server environment. Depending on your needs, our server specialists can accelerate technology adoption, optimize and virtualize resources, build a private or hybrid cloud environment, and manage your server environment. A more optimized server infrastructure can help you boost productivity, reduce total cost of ownership, and more effectively manage regulatory requirements. From optimization to virtualization to cloud—we have you covered.

Build a robust server environment
Plan, implement and deploy IBM and non-IBM server products

Virtualize and build cloud
Take advantage of leading edge server and cloud technologies to facilitate business growth and reduced complexity

Optimize management
Gain the skills, expertise, tools and processes to optimize management of your server investments

What we offer

Integrated managed infrastructure services

Help simplify your infrastructure management with modular services from one vendor

Server optimization and integration

Industry-leading practices to help you create a better server infrastructure

Server product services

More effective and efficient planning, implementation and deployment of innovative server technologies

Server and storage onsite daily assist

Gain the ability to accelerate returns on your server and storage investments

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