Implementation services for zBX network virtualization

Enable improved network performance and reduced complexity and costs

Implementing a high-speed private network can improve the data flow between your IBM zEnterprise™ System and the IBM BladeCenter® Extension environment. But such an implementation may require specialized skills or expertise.

IBM Implementation Services for System z® – network virtualization for zBX can help you design and implement network virtualization using the intra-ensemble data network (IEDN) to facilitate the level of availability and performance you require.




Service detail

Service details

A distributed server environment is often undermined by network latency and complexities. Implementing a high-speed, private data network connecting your IBM zEnterprise™ system and your distributed environment on the zEnterprise BladeCenter® Extension (zBX) can help improve the data flow and the security between the diverse, complex applications and workloads running on them. However, integrating the new zEnterprise ensemble network with your existing networks while maintaining the integrity of your network architecture can be a challenging and costly task.

IBM Implementation Services for System z® – network virtualization for zBX is designed to help you implement the zEnterprise intra-ensemble data network and the zEnterprise Unified Resource Manager (zManager). Using a 10 GbE dedicated network to connect the zBX infrastructure and the zEnterprise System, we can help reduce network latency and consolidate heterogeneous platforms within your zEnterprise ensemble. With features such as network virtualization, access control and network isolation, we can help reduce costs and complexities and enable the level of performance your business requires.

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