Implementation Services for System z - capacity provisioning

Take advantage of capacity provisioning to respond to unpredictable system demands

Dynamic and sometimes unexpected system workload demands coupled with error-prone manual processes may cause you to miss service-level commitments or overpay for system capacity. IBM Implementation Services for System z® - capacity provisioning provides IBM skills and an understanding of autonomic management to help you improve system utilization and control the activation and deactivation of additional resources to meet business needs.



Service detail

Service details

Enhancing your System z environment with quick, efficient implementation of autonomic capacity management

To respond effectively to fluctuations in demand for processing capacity, many organizations realize the need to enable IBM z/OS®capacity provisioning. You would like to accelerate the implementation of this solution to grow your systems cost-effectively while optimizing performance. However, the complexities of understanding system workloads to customize the autonomic management features may be daunting to your staff. At the same time, you may be concerned about implementing automation and giving up control of your environment.

With IBM Implementation Services for System z® - capacity provisioning, you can leverage our experience and deep technical skills to implement the z/OS capacity provisioning automation features to quickly and nondisruptively activate and deactivate standby processor resources for meeting workload spikes. We help you implement On/Off Capacity on Demand (OOCoD) capabilities to give you an affordable, flexible option for handling system growth while also maintaining responsiveness and managing expenses. While automation can help you reduce the cost and risk of errors associated with manual monitoring and management, our specialists can tailor your implementation for the level of control you desire.

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