Implementation Services for Power Systems - AIX Enterprise Edition

Get more value from your systems with enhanced monitoring and management capabilities

Is a lack of resource monitoring capabilities for your virtualized IBM Power Systems™ server environment resulting in operational inefficiency, poor availability, ineffective resource utilization and the inability to meet constantly changing business demands? IBM Implementation Services for Power Systems-AIX® Enterprise Edition provides services to install new resource monitoring capabilities to help you improve availability and utilization of your server environment, resulting in improved operational efficiencies



Service detail

Service details

Helping optimize your systems and reduce costs with enhanced management capabilities

Monitoring a virtualized IBM Power Systems™ environment without effective resource utilization and data gathering tools can be a challenging task. Most resource monitoring tools in use today do not adequately support a virtualized environment, are outdated or focus on only one aspect of your server environment, resulting in a proliferation of individual tools that only adds to the complexity. The result is ineffective resource utilization and poor availability due to the inability to quickly identify and respond to potential problems like resource bottlenecks.

IBM Implementation Services for Power Systems - AIX® Enterprise Edition provides services to install AIX with advanced resource utilization tools to help you effectively monitor your Power Systems servers. Our service enables you to get the most out of your investment by installing capabilities that provide real-time information, centralized monitoring and accurate system usage information. Your staff can immediately make use of out-of-the-box monitoring and reporting functions to improve availability, enhance operational efficiency and increase productivity. IBM expertise and project management can help ensure a smooth, reliable installation to meet project deadlines and reduce the risk of business disruptions.

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