Services to adopt
IBM Flex System and
optimize its features

Implement, virtualize and deploy a
private cloud on IBM Flex System


IBM Flex System™—the new client-tuned server system—can provide significant cost and technology benefits. Learn how IBM specialists can help you optimize its advanced capabilities to speed your time to value.
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Service detail

IBM Flex System offers customizable systems to meet your unique demands for computing capacity. You want to implement the client-tuned system in your environment more efficiently. And you would like to capitalize on the advanced features and functions—virtualization and cloud enablement.

IBM Implementation Services for Flex System provides skilled specialists to help you adopt IBM Flex System in your IT environment and optimize the virtualization and cloud capabilities. To help you realize the benefits of the new server technology more quickly, we offer:

We use repeatable methodologies and project management disciplines to help you more efficiently implement IBM Flex System and all its capabilities in your IT environment.

What we offer


Implementation Services for Flex System – enablement and configuration
Implement and configure IBM Flex System to help achieve quicker time to value


Implementation Services for Flex System – virtualization enablement
Gain flexibility and cost benefits by enabling virtualization on IBM Flex System more quickly


IBM SmartCloud Entry enablement for Flex System
Install and configure IBM SmartCloud Entry on IBM Flex System to more quickly deploy a private cloud