IBM Implementation Services for System z – zEnterprise setup and migration

zEnterprise system migration and implementation services

Service detail

Service details

Without the expertise of skilled and experienced System z® specialists, deployment and migration of IBM zEnterprise™ technology in your IT environment can lead to business risks and added costs.

IBM Implementation Services for System z – zEnterprise setup and migration is designed to enable a faster and more effective adoption of zEnterprise technology by leveraging the expertise of our server specialists to help plan for, implement and migrate to the technology.

Helps accelerate the adoption of zEnterprise™ technology and realize faster return on investment Provides detailed planning and implementation assistance to help you get it right the first time Leverages skills, tools and prior experience to help enable a more efficient migration

Companies are moving to the new zEnterprise System, designed to unify IT for more predictable service delivery, and to manage complex applications, workloads and the costs associated with them. Implementing and migrating to zEnterprise technology requires a deep understanding of the System z® infrastructure and related software. Lack of planning and expertise can complicate the entire process, increase costs and cause business disruptions. You need an end-to-end implementation and migration service for a smooth deployment of zEnterprise technology in your IT environment.

IBM Implementation Services for System z – zEnterprise setup and migration can help you plan for, implement and migrate to the new zEnterprise z196 and z114. Optional modules on top of the standard 4-day service offering help with z/OS migration and migration of ICB and ISC coupling technologies to Parallel Sysplex InfiniBand (PSIFB), a high bandwidth, low latency interconnect coupling links that enhance synchronization of systems and servers. Our server specialists leverage prior experience and knowledge of zEnterprise and z/OS® technology to provide a comprehensive implementation and migration service, designed to help you mitigate risks and accelerate the adoption of the zEnterprise technology. We use advanced z/OS migration analytical tools and best practices (System z coupling topology design methodology) to help ensure a smoother deployment of zEnterprise.

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