IBM Implementation Services for System z - IT process automation

Optimize your server system investment to improve performance and reduce total cost of ownership

The z/OS® operating system comes with features that can improve your system performance and operational efficiency. But you will need to enable these technologies to realize your system's full potential. IBM Implementation Services for System z® - IT process automation provides three modules, which can be ordered separately to meet your specific requirements, and help you automate and enable your current System z technology to improve overall performance and optimization.



Service detail

Service details

Enabling automation and minimizing IT complexity to enhance operational efficiencies and overall system performance

IBM System z® server platforms are the defining standard in enterprise computing-particularly in meeting strategic business objectives. In today's unpredictable financial climate, it is crucial for your organization to maximize all the available System z advantages-tremendous economies of scale, adaptability of resources, high server utilization and scalable growth-with a timely, efficient solution that can enable you to quickly realize the benefits of optimization.

IBM Implementation Services for System z - IT process automation can assist you in optimizing the available server environment and reducing IT complexity to achieve better overall performance. You can select from three separately orderable modules to meet your requirements:

And, our experienced specialists deliver end-to-end project management, allowing your internal IT staff to focus on other priorities.

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