Video analytics for physical security

Boost physical security and public safety with advanced video analytics

Video analytics can improve physical security and help you optimize the use of video surveillance. But you need help evaluating your risk posture and designing an integrated solution to address your security needs.

IBM Physical Security Services - video correlation and analysis suite helps you design and implement an advanced video analytics solution so you can optimize video use and improve security. Our solution supports remote data access and multivendor device integration.



Service detail

Service details

The increasingly sophisticated nature of threats and escalating security overhead are driving organizations to adopt solutions such as digital video surveillance. Video analytics can dramatically improve the effectiveness and response capability of your security staff. But designing and implementing an effective solution that addresses your need for scalability and integration can be a challenge.

IBM Physical Security Services - video correlation and analysis suite can implement an advanced video analytics solution to help improve your security responsiveness. Leveraging IBM Research, we provide sophisticated video content indexing designed to enable real-time alerting as well as fast and efficient searches of video. The open architecture of our solution supports correlation of data from multiple sources with the video index. In addition to supporting remote and wireless access to your video and data as well as integration with multivendor devices, our solution can leverage your existing infrastructure to help reduce your capital expenses.

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