User provisioning services

Create, secure and manage the lifecycle of your user accounts with a comprehensive user provisioning solution.

With hundreds or even thousands of employees joining or leaving companies every year, IT managers are constantly challenged to protect sensitive data while ensuring that employees can access theinformation they need to do their jobs. Adding more operational staff to execute manual processes is not an option for most companies, as manualprocesses are usually costly, inefficient and risky.

IBM Identity and Access Management Services for user provisioning can help your organization manage the cost and risks associated with establishing, managing and closing user accounts through automation.


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Automate user provisioning and boost security

Poor identity management practices can harm an organization in many ways. The inability to maintain appropriate access asemployees change jobs can inhibit productivity. Failure to revoke access upon employee termination creates security gaps, and ad-hoc manual processes mayfail to comply with regulations. Poorly integrated account administration canalso hinder business flexibility, making you less competitive.

Whether you need help with planning and design, implementation or ongoing identity management, IBM Security Services can help you establish automated processes and policies for managinguser identity from initial sign-on to termination.

Leveraging IBM Tivoli Identity Manager software and other third-party products, we establish automated processes based on user role authorization and predefined policies, develop workflow escalation criteria for determining when human intervention is required, and implement consistent policy administration and enforcement processes.

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