Strong authentication solution

Help simplify authentication measures across multiple access scenarios

No one knows the value of your organization's data and resources like you do. And when it comes to protecting them from security threats, you'd rather have more than a simple user id and password. But when it comes to managing multiple authentication measures, you'd prefer a little more simplicity, and a lot less complexity. 

IBM Identity and Access Management Services - total authentication solution is designed to help you establish a centralized, security-rich infrastructure for strong authentication. With an enterprise-wide infrastructure you can better manage identity assurance and regulatory compliance across a variety of access scenarios. And when new scenarios emerge, you have the flexibility to quickly accommodate them.

IBM total authentication solution features

In a world of rising identity threats and data breaches, you need more than a simple user id and password to protect your organization. The total authentication solution from IBM makes gaining access harder for unauthorized users and easier for you to manage. You can realize:

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Why IBM?

IBM combines industry-leading strong authentication enablement and management technology with exceptional consultation and implementation services from a single, trusted vendor. Our highly skilled and experienced practitioners can help facilitate a more efficient implementation of a strong authentication solution based on your unique requirements.

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