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Providing cost-effective security optimization by supporting critical security management tasks

IBM Threat Mitigation Services - security enablement and vulnerability management - staff augmentation services are designed to provide cost-effective security expertise to organizations for the offloading of critical security management tasks from in-house staff resources. IBM Security Services Professional Security Services consultants augment existing resources to handle designated tasks that promote network security best practices and reduce online threats to your critical business assets.


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Gaining on-demand security expertise to reduce risk and relieve internal staff

The challenge of securing company assets and maintaining regulatory compliance continues to grow and evolve. Virtualization and cloud computing have added complexity to IT infrastructure. And data volumes are growing rapidly, making information security more critical. Even as IT security challenges increase, your clients have come to expect a certain level of data privacy and security that is woven into your infrastructure. Meeting regulatory security standards and preventing costly data security breaches can quickly consume valuable IT resources - resources that could be devoted to revenue-generating activities.

IBM Security Services has an experienced team of security experts that can assist your organization in achieving information security goals and allow your internal staff to focus on maintaining normal business operations. IBM staff augmentation services is customized to fit the unique needs of your organization. It provides on-site security expertise and management and affordable transitional security support when you need it.

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