Smart and embedded device security

Create more secure, reliable connected devices

Intelligent, connected devices are all around us today. Smart phones are ubiquitous, and smart vehicles, smart buildings, and even smart appliances are moving closer to mainstream. While manufacturers are embedding intelligence into these devices and connecting them to the Internet to make them more useful, this level of sophistication also renders them targets for exploitation and security attacks.

Smart devices and sensors require smart security. IBM’s smart and embedded device security services help manufacturers improve their products by identifying and fixing security vulnerabilities to increase the integrity, stability, and availability of devices while preventing hackers from gaining access.

IBM’s specialists have a deep understanding of embedded devices and their operating systems. We can help you uncover security issues through penetration testing, threat modeling, and source-code analysis of a device’s operating system and kernel module. With smart and embedded device security services you get:

  • In-depth testing

    Address device integrity and stability by exposing vulnerabilities before products are released on the market

  • Established security requirements

    Uncover attack vectors with threat modeling and close security gaps early in the development process

  • Brand protection

    Enhance customers’ experience and loyalty by uncovering and eliminating vulnerabilities

  • A hacker’s approach

    Reveal security flaws through penetration testing that combines logical- and physical-level access

  • Security validation

    Maintain confidence in your products’ integrity with repeated assessments spanning multiple release schedules

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Why IBM?

IBM offers a deep understanding of smart and embedded devices and their operating systems. That expertise extends to our methodologies for testing their security. We are committed to supporting your production and development, and we provide unmatched global coverage and security awareness with thousands of analysts and delivery specialists. IBM has 10 security research centers, 10 security operations centers and 14 security development laboratories. We also have more than 1,000 security patents. Additionally, we manage tens of thousands of security devices for thousands of clients worldwide. Our systems monitor 15 billion network events for our clients each day across 133 countries.

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