Enterprise single sign-on services

Automate employee login and access to business applications across network access points with an enterprise-wide single sign-on solution.

Password management has become a significant burden to both organizations and employees, and leads to reduced user productivity, higher help desk costs, and security and compliance exposures.

IBM Security Services Identity and Access Management Services for enterprise single sign-on (ESSO) can help organizations plan, design, and implement an enterprise single sign-on solution to provide automatic logon and password change for a large number of enterprise applications accessed from a variety of network access points.


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Enhance security, productivity, and regulatory compliance with enterprise single sign-on

Many organizations continue to implement more stringent password policies for business applications, and the complexity and number of logons employees must manage on a daily basis are increasing, resulting in high frustration and lost productivity.

Employee calls to reset forgotten or expired passwords has represented a significant and growing cost of IT helpdesk operations. At the same time, employees continue to perform poor password management practices, representing a significant security risk to an organization's valuable data. In addition, most organizations lack a central view of user application access, which can make it difficult to demonstrate compliance with security policies or regulations.

Building on the proven capabilities of the IBM Tivoli Access Manager for Enterprise Single Sign-On product, IBM Security Services can help you establish a single sign-on solution that can enhance password security, user productivity, and regulatory compliance while reducing helpdesk costs. Using our proven methodologies and deep experience with IBM Tivoli access management solutions, IBM Security Services offers consulting, architecture, design and implementation services that help you establish a cost-effective, enterprise single sign-on solution.

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