Security risk assessment

Identify information security vulnerabilities to help mitigate business risk

Knowledge is power, especially when it comes to protecting your business processes. After all, you can’t address what you can’t see. Hidden security gaps can leave your organization exposed to data breaches or regulatory noncompliance, which could hurt both your reputation and market share. The IBM Security Risk Assessment can help you obtain the knowledge you need to help reduce security risks at all levels of your business.

Our innovative approach—backed by proven methodologies and tools—is designed to identify your security strengths and weaknesses. We offer recommendations for mitigating risks and help you develop IT processes that support your business goals. With the IBM assessment in hand, you’ll be armed with the information you need to make a strong business case for tackling your organization’s security issues.  

IBM Security Risk Assessment features

You expect your business to face some risks. With a security risk assessment from IBM, you can get a clearer picture of those risks so you can decide which ones are acceptable—and which ones aren’t. Our assessment includes:

  • A physical security and environmental review

    Looks at your main facility to help identify weaknesses and vulnerabilities

  • An in-depth, comprehensive evaluation

    Examines virtually all areas of your business environment

  • A review of your security management controls

    Covers risk and risk mitigation, policy, organization, compliance and much more

  • A review of your technical security

    Verifies whether controls are implemented to your defined policies

  • Reduced financial and reputational risk

    Our solution is designed to more effectively scan for, identify and prioritize security risks to help reduce threat exposures, risk of data loss and damage to brand reputation and consumer trust.

  • An information risk analysis

    Assesses the impact of identified threats and vulnerabilities to your business objectives and requirements

  • A detailed security assessment report

    Provides an action plan to help you implement more effective, short- and long-term strategies to enhance your security posture

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Why IBM?

With more than 50 years of experience, IBM knows security. We have consulted on and implemented thousands of security projects, and we have real-world, practical expertise in best practices, processes and return on investment. Using the IBM® X-Force® database—the world's most comprehensive threats and vulnerabilities database—we offer a thorough evaluation that builds upon our extensive intellectual capital. Our more than 500 security professionals use standardized methods—such as the IBM Security Methodology—and have in-depth knowledge of compliance standards. In addition, they work with leading risk management software from Modulo Security to help provide a consolidated view of the business risks introduced by information security weaknesses in your processes, organization and IT infrastructure.

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