Security Intelligence Analyst

Enhanced security & intelligence analysis for IBM Managed Security Services customers

Today's advanced threats require organizations to have enhanced visibility into their data and security posture. IBM Managed Security Services (MSS) clients have access to a wealth of information via the Virtual Security Operations Center Portal (Virtual SOC Portal) including network activity, tickets, logging and security intelligence. IBM can augment the analysis of your Virtual SOC Portal data while providing a holistic view of your organization’s threat landscape. If you are a current IBM MSS client, just give us a call to get started.

Who can benefit?

The MSS Security Intelligence Analyst helps IBM MSS clients who need assistance beyond what the Virtual SOC Portal normally provides:

How does it work?

MSS Security Intelligence Analysts is a dedicated resource from the MSS Security Operations Center and will work with you to analyze your current security posture, review trends in your environment and provide policy tuning and strategic recommendations to strengthen your overall security posture. MSS Security Intelligence Analyst will provide:

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