Proventia Network Mail Security System

Proventia Network Mail Security System provides preemptive protection and spam control for your messaging infrastructure.

Service detail

Service details

IBM Proventia Network Mail Security System and IBM Proventia Network Mail Security System Virtual Appliance provide spam control and preemptive protection for your messaging infrastructure.

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Proventia Network Mail Delivers

Today's mail security problem is multifaceted and constantly changing. To respond effectively, today's mail security solution must combine highly effective antispam technologies with complete preemptive protection. Proventia Network Mail's customizable anti-spam and content filtering offer a strong defense against spam and phishing attempts, and its compliance analysis modules provide the flexibility required to support internal use policies and industry-specific messaging regulations. These technologies work in concert with IBM ISS preemptive protection modules, which incorporate ISS' award-winning Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) engine and Sophos behavioral genotype anti-virus technology to protect against viruses, spyware, and denial-of-service (DOS) attacks. Proventia Network Mail also includes a new first line of defense against spam - dynamic host reputation filtering. This filtering feature is capable of recognizing and block spam sources, protecting your network bandwidth. These precision technologies, blended into a single solution, protect your messaging infrastructure from today's inbound and outbound threats, making your current anti-spam solution seem simply inadequate.

Spam Control and More - Proventia Network Mail antispam is effective out-of-the-box to shield productivity and prevent strains on network capacity, recognizing spam in more than 40 languages. Proventia Network Mail is automatically updated to provide protection against new spam types, including image-based spam. In addition, Proventia Network Mail includes customizable analysis modules to enforce outbound content compliance and acceptable use policies. Use Proventia Network Mail to quickly and easily define individual, group, or global policies to streamline your email system. Proventia Network Mail supports Transport Layer Security (TLS) for encrypting messages between e-mail gateways.

Preemptive Threat Management - Proventia Network Mail is the only email security solution equipped with the IBM Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) engine and Sophos behavioral genotype anti-virus technology, along with remote malware detection and Sophos signature-based anti-virus. This solution also includes protection against phishing attacks, helping guard your employees against divulging personal information to malicious requestors.

Intelligent Management Options - Proventia Network Mail offers multiple management options to enhance ease of use, including a web-based local management interface and advanced clustering management options, scaling from single user installation to the needs of large enterprises. Proventia Network Mail also cleanly integrates with Proventia Management SiteProtector, one of the most comprehensive security management solutions in the world. Proventia Network Mail Security System is now available in two form factors, to support the needs of both small and large customer environments. Regardless of whether your company's environment is better suited by a hardware appliance or virtual appliance, Proventia Network Mail keeps spam, viruses and other malicious traffic at bay.

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