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As many organizations are learning, security in a new mobile environment goes far beyond protecting corporate email and data. Mobile devices are now deeply connected with back-end systems—and that corporate IT infrastructure needs to be protected from malicious or inadvertent harm.

IBM addresses the increasing number of security challenges with a range of services. Our approach focuses on four key areas of mobile security services: protecting devices from malware, providing secure connectivity, ensuring appropriate, security-rich access to enterprise systems, and safeguarding data and applications that reside within a secure, mobile-enabled platform. We also offer consulting services to help you identify and mitigate threat levels and risks in applications and mobile endpoints throughout your enterprise.

Our goal is to help you protect confidential information and the privacy of your connected users—even when those devices are outside the physical control of the enterprise.

What we offer


Mobile Enterprise Services for managed mobility

Manage BYOD and the proliferation of smartphones, tablets and handheld devices in your enterprise and the growing demand for secure access to corporate data


Mobile Consulting and Solutions

Embracing mobile starts an assessment, strategy and the appropriate security policies and governance


Managed security services

Award-winning managed services help protect your information assets from attack

Network infrastructure services for mobile

Network infrastructure services for mobile

Design an enterprise wireless infrastructure that connects people to each other and the information they need, while lowering costs and enhancing security

Smart embedded device security

Create more secure, reliable connected devices


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Fortifying for the Future

Insights from the 2014 IBM CISO Assessment

2014 Cost of Data Breach Study

Industry-leading benchmarks from Ponemon Institute, sponsored by IBM.

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