Information security framework

Address IT security challenges with a more integrated, intelligent approach

Addressing IT security with various point products is like expecting a raincoat and boots to protect you in a hurricane. Instead, you need to weave security into the very fabric of your everyday business operations. IBM Information Security Framework does just that by applying an integrated approach to help you more strategically manage risk across your entire organization.

Our solutions are designed to enhance the security of virtually all aspects of your business—people, data, applications and infrastructure—with built-in intelligence and analytics. This approach allows you to understand and prioritize risks and vulnerabilities based on their potential to disrupt critical business processes, thus helping you to better align IT security with your business goals.

IBM Information Security Framework features

Sophisticated IT security threats combined with the need for data access anywhere and anytime can create vulnerabilities throughout your organization. The IBM Information Security Framework provides repeatable, measurable processes and a roadmap to address your security needs. You get:

  • Advanced security and threat research

    Provides a foundation for better understanding threats, their sources and effective response to these attacks

  • Data and information protection

    Helps enhance the security, privacy and integrity of both raw data and contextualized information throughout the information lifecycle

  • Infrastructure security

    Monitors and manages the network, servers and endpoints for threats and vulnerabilities

  • Security intelligence and analytics

    Collects and distills vast amounts of security data for alerting as well as for forensic analysis

  • Application security

    Helps proactively protect business-critical applications from external and internal threats

  • Identity management and access control

    Manages and extends enterprise identity context across security domains with comprehensive identity intelligence

  • Security maturity model

    Helps clarify appropriate security controls based on an organization’s maturity level within each domain (people, data, applications and infrastructure)

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Why IBM?

It’s a security jungle out there, so you need a provider that can offer unparalleled protection. With IBM, you get nearly 50 years of security experience and over 3,500 security services professionals around the world. IBM’s broad security portfolio can provide the full breadth and depth of integrated solutions, enabling organizations to take a business-driven, security-rich-by-design approach to better meet their security needs. Our security operations centers serve as the nerve center for near-real-time intelligence and insight into the threat landscape. And with flexible options available, our solutions help your organization reduce risk without breaking the bank.

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