Security assessment

Evaluate your current security posture to reduce risk

Companies today are often unaware of just how vulnerable they are to security risks. Implementing new technologies, mobilizing the workforce, falling victim to advanced threats — all of these things can expose gaps in an organization’s security strategy that often lead to unauthorized access or a data breach. You need to understand your current level of security so you can effectively safeguard your systems and data and properly plan for tomorrow.

IBM’s security assessment can help. Our security experts perform assessments that not only identify risk but also offer recommendations to improve security and boost compliance.

Security assessment features

Protecting your critical systems and data is a top priority. To do that effectively, you must first get an accurate understanding of your organization’s security posture and vulnerabilities. IBM’s security assessment can:

  • Evaluate your current posture

    Gain an understanding of your existing security posture

  • Recommend action

    Develop a comprehensive strategy based on ISO 27002 standards and industry best practices

  • Achieve compliance

    Ensure systems and data meet government and industry regulations

  • Identify gaps

    Expose weaknesses and vulnerabilities that open you up to risk

  • Meet business objectives

    Align security recommendations with your organization’s goals

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Why IBM?

IBM’s security assessment is one of the many IT security services we offer to help our customers reduce security risks, address compliance, and improve business continuity. Our services leverage corporate security leadership, security consulting, experience in investigative branches of the government and law enforcement, and IBM X-ForceTM research and development — all for less than the typical cost of an in-house security expert. We leverage this expertise and experience to deliver to our customers strategic, dependable IT security services that help protect their data and IT systems while increasing business value and peace of mind.

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