Hosted application security management

Help reduce security risks to your mobile and web applications with a cloud-based solution

Web application development just might be your ticket to innovation and top-line growth. New web technologies, languages and methodologies are fueling the development of dynamic apps that support mobility and collaboration. But as the number and sophistication of web apps evolve, so does the complexity of managing the attacks against them.

Traditional testing across web applications can be costly. The cloud-based hosted application security management solution from IBM can provide tangible business benefits by more effectively protecting your web apps in an integrated, continuous fashion.

Hosted application security management is designed to help you analyze and identify web app security risks through an advanced application security analysis. You get:

  • Ongoing security assessments

    The solution provides continued security after applications are in production

  • Cloud-based service

    Time-to-value service quickly identifies online application risks

  • Improved compliance management

    IBM assesses your compliance state and delivers specialized security consulting to help you manage regulatory compliance

  • Web portal access

    Key dashboard indicators and reports track and help improve your security posture

  • Continuous security management

    Architecture design, technical leadership and road maps support a continuous process that integrates security with development

  • Reduced financial and reputational risk

    IBM scans for, identifies and prioritizes security risks to help reduce threat exposures, data loss risk and damage to brand reputation

  • Reduced costs

    There’s no need to buy and maintain software licenses to achieve vital security and compliance requirements

  • On-demand application security

    IBM Rational® AppScan® Enterprise Edition software and the IBM X-Force® Threat Analysis tool help you resolve your app security challenges

  • Detailed reporting

    IBM recommends steps to maintain effective app security, which helps your resources focus on core tasks

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Why IBM?

As a leader in enterprise security hardware, software and services, IBM provides robust global coverage and security awareness. We employ thousands of analysts and delivery specialists who provide security services for clients around the world. We have 10 security research centers, 10 security operations centers and 14 security development laboratories. In addition, we have more than 1,000 security patents. We also manage tens of thousands of security devices for thousands of clients worldwide. IBM systems monitor 15 billion network events for our clients daily across 133 countries.

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