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Today’s security climate is fraught with challenges—from increasingly sophisticated hackers and evolving regulations to the mounting business pressure to guard against attacks that are easier than ever to execute over the Internet.

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Take a few minutes to find out when you sign up for the Security Health Scan, a turnkey vulnerability scanner and analysis tool that offers end-to-end vulnerability management, including threat vulnerability assessment, prioritization, remediation, dynamic protection, verification and customizable reporting.

This in-depth, thorough analysis will scan 10 IP addresses or a single web domain once a week for three weeks, and update you each week through a secure, web-based portal.*

Once you start your Security Health Scan, you will have access to:

The Security Health Scan results will offer actionable information to help you:

What unknown security threats are lingering in your network?

Understand your real security posture when you register for your customized Security Health Scan**.

*On registration, you will receive an email with portal login information to reveal scan results. Portal access available for 45 days after last scan.

**Security Health Scan participants will also receive access to the intelligence and threat information on IBM’s Managed Security Services Virtual Security Operations Center (VSOC) website.

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