IT threat management

Leverage flexible, around-the-clock expertise to help you protect against Internet threats

Protecting information can be expensive, requiring in-house expertise that you may not have. Emerging network threats can overburden IT, and you may not be able to keep up with growing vulnerabilities, leaving your network exposed. IBM Threat Mitigation Services - network protection - Express™ managed multi-function security bundle pairs IBM professionals with our technology to help you maintain business continuity and performance, optimize your security investment and network resources, and reduce risk.


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Supporting business continuity and network security

How can you protect critical systems that contain financial data? Security threats and weaknesses know no industry boundaries. Software vulnerabilities exist in all systems, and attacks don't discriminate between the smallest and the largest organizations. This makes security management integral to your organization's day-to-day operations. But you can reduce operational costs and IT security complexity by purchasing and implementing solutions that can be quickly and easily deployed.

The IBM Threat Mitigation Services - network protection - Express™ managed multi-function security bundle is designed to provide appliance, maintenance and managed service components together in one convenient bundle, at an attractive price. This service also includes policy design and updates to help you keep your protection current against evolving threats and to help provide comprehensive network protection. The experience of IBM Security Services security professionals can help you protect your assets, enhance your security posture and support you in managing your regulatory and audit requirements.

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