IT emergency response

Help prepare for and withstand security breaches more effectively

IBM Emergency Response Services can help you more quickly respond to and recover from a computer security incident, with around-the-clock access to our experts and a subscription-based model.

If you are currently experiencing a security emergency call: 1-888-241-9812 U.S., (001) 312-212-8034 Outside the U.S.


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Data breaches can be costly—in detection, escalation, notification, post response and lost revenue—with a significant negative impact to your data, business continuity and reputation. Many organizations don’t typically have the expertise on staff to quickly and effectively manage security incidents and resolve them.

IBM can provide a services-methodology designed to help you manage incident response across multiple stages including prevention, intelligence gathering, containment, eradication, recovery and compliance. The Emergency Response Services (ERS) from IBM can:

IBM can provide specialized consultants—focused exclusively on ERS engagements—with the experience, expertise, skills and tools to help you plan and design best-of-breed security solutions. In addition, we leverage the world-renowned resources of the IBM X-Force Research and Development team to provide a more preemptive approach to security.

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