IBM Emergency Response
Service (ERS) Subscription

IBM Emergency Response Service

Take a proactive and preventive approach to potential security breaches. Allow IBM to help you prepare for increasingly more complex and more dangerous security incidents.

The IBM Emergency Response Services (ERS) subscription is designed to provide resources to assist you in preparing for, managing, and responding to computer security incidents, including steps for analysis, intelligence gathering, containment, eradication, recovery, and prevention.

IBM Emergency Response Services (ERS)

Offering Details

The IBM Emergency Response Service (ERS) team will work with your personnel to develop the most effective, proactive, and preventive approach to protecting your data. IBM ERS consultants are former law enforcement, military, academic, and security professionals with rich experience in incident response and digital data analysis. This team will provide you with incident management and response to help stop information security attacks that are in progress, limiting the potential harm to your organization. Additionally, the team will work in a proactive manner to help develop a functional Computer Security Incident Response Plan (CSIRP) to make your company better prepared to manage or respond to a security incident. A sample of the services that may be included in your 12-month ERS subscription plan:

The key to effective incident response is to have ready access to resources with the right platform skills, the right experience, and the ability to mobilize immediately when necessary. Most firms cannot afford to have unlimited staff and skills available should they need them. This is the benefit of an ERS subscription. Our solution will allow you to have access to predictable resources and predictable skills, which can scale immediately depending on the nature of the threat and situation.

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