Managed Distributed Denial of Service Protection

Help protect your assets from distributed attacks and massive outages

Cyber attacks come in various forms, shapes and sizes and are becoming a larger problem for companies and organizations across virtually all industries1 Of particular concern is the growing number of distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks. As DDoS attacks increase in size and sophistication traditional defenses of firewalls and intrusion-prevention systems are no longer enough.

The Managed DDoS Protection service from IBM is designed to help organizations plan for, respond to and correlate data during an attack. This service combines IBM security expertise with the cloud-based Kona Site Defender technology from Akamai to provide a multilayered approach. Together, IBM and Akamai provide a robust solution designed to combat DDoS attacks. Learn how (PDF, 760KB) you can protect your assets from distributed attacks and massive outages.

1IBM X-Force Research 2012 Trend and Risk Report. March 2013.


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Michael Montecillo

Managed Security Services Threat and Intelligence Principal

Michael Montecillo is the IBM Security Services Threat Research and Intelligence Principal. He has more than eight years of experience in information security, having served as a Vulnerability Management Coordinator and Forensic Investigator for state governments as well as the Principal Security Analyst for an industry analysis firm. As the Threat Research and Intelligence Principal within IBM Security Services he conducts research on emerging threat trends and works to ensure that client security needs are met with standard offerings. Michael has won two State Police awards for Professional Excellence and has published more than 30 research articles.

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IBM launches managed cloud-based DDoS mitigation with Akamai


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