Digital Video Surveillance

Advance your physical security with a scalable digital video surveillance solution

As video surveillance systems increasingly rely on both IT and physical security components, you need help designing and deploying an optimized solution to use video data more effectively and improve your overall security posture.

IBM Physical Security Services - Digital Video Surveillance provides services to help assess your security threat and vulnerability posture and develop, deploy and support an integrated digital video surveillance solution that can address your physical security and IT needs.



Service detail

Service details

Over time, video surveillance systems have become more advanced in order to address increasingly sophisticated threats, offering features and capabilities that have not been available with tape-based or digital video recorder (DVR)-based solutions. Additionally, these systems have evolved into Internet Protocol (IP)-based networked solutions, offering other advantages many organizations need. New challenges arise as many businesses consider transitioning the ownership and management of security assets to their IT departments, who have broader knowledge of and experience with network-based technology, but lack adequate knowledge of physical security. Organizations must now reevaluate their physical security and risk management from a new perspective and address challenges from multiple areas. You need help evaluating the overall security needs of your organization and developing a more effective, scalable and integrated security solution.

IBM Physical Security Services - Digital Video Surveillance (DVS) provides services to help address your security requirements. We use a holistic approach that can bridge the gap between your physical security, IT and business goals. We collaborate with you to develop an integrated video surveillance solution that automates the day-to-day capture, indexing and storage of video content. Our solution includes digital streaming and enables authorized personnel to view, monitor and digitally record activities in real time, with the ability to share "live" and archived video from virtually anywhere across your organization. We offer comprehensive services to help address your security needs, including security threat and vulnerability assessment, network and system design, hardware and software installation, ongoing maintenance, and integration of digital video systems with your overall IT environment. We can help you realize greater efficiency from your physical security system and better mitigate security risks, while reducing maintenance and labor costs. With our solution, you can focus on the tasks of securing your organization, while we handle the technology.

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