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Integrate enterprise data security into your business strategy

A data protection strategy to improve data security is crucial to cost-effectively address regulations and avoid fines. Do you know where your sensitive personal and corporate data resides, and do you have the right measures in place to protect it?

IBM Data Security Services - data security strategy and assessment helps you gain insight about where sensitive data resides within your business. We also help you develop a risk-balanced strategy designed to protect your data and improve compliance.


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As your business grows and evolves, so does the amount of sensitive data that you need to protect. Knowing where sensitive data resides within your organization and having the right risk mitigation and data protection measures in place is crucial to the success of your business. You need to leverage the protection technologies you already have and optimize future IT spending to mitigate both existing and projected risks. But without a proactive data protection strategy in place, you may be scrambling to implement tactical solutions as problems arise, costing you money and productivity.

IBM Data Security Services - data security strategy and assessment provides a comprehensive IBM expert assessment of your current data protection capabilities. We help you pinpoint where sensitive data resides within your infrastructure and how your business uses it. We also work with you to assess your unique needs and data security requirements and develop a holistic data protection strategy aimed at minimizing the impact to business productivity. With a business-aligned data security road map in place, you can feel more confident that your business is better protected from data breach.

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