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$300K The average cost of a single cyber attack

$300K The average cost of a single cyber attack
IBM X-Force 2012 Mid-year Trend and Risk Report, September 2012

Quantifying the data breach epidemic

Data breaches are among the most common and costly security failures in organizations of any size. In fact, studies show that companies are attacked an average of 2 million times a week, and that many of those attacks result in a quantifiable data breach. And with today's data moving freely between corporate networks, mobile devices, and the cloud, data breach statistics show this disturbing trend is rapidly accelerating.

Building a business case for security investment begins with quantifying the threat. Data breach statistics abound on the web. But not all data breach statistics are reported, and some victims aren't even aware they've been compromised. IBM conducts its own research – in part collected from the thousands of clients whose networks we monitor – and we share our data breach statistics in the reports you'll find on this page. And we can assure you — the data breach threat is very real, and very costly. To learn more about today’s critical threats and how companies are responding, download one of our comprehensive data breach statistics reports.

Survey the threat landscape

Stay on top of the latest security threats with the IBM X-Force Trend and Risk Report.

Evaluate the risk

C-level executives quantify the threat to the brand in the Reputational Risk and IT Study.

What’s trending?

Data Breach Statistics - 43 percent of C-level executives say negligent insiders are the greatest threat to sensitive data

The C-suite perspective

75% of companies say IT risks impact customer satisfaction and brand reputation


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