Data breach response

An information resource for data breach prevention and response

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Experiencing a data breach? Call IBM today.

If you're in the midst of a data breach emergency, don't hesitate a moment longer. Call IBM's Emergency Response Services team now.

IBM Emergency Response Services: 1-888-241-9812

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Most experts agree that it's only a matter of time before your organization experiences a significant data breach. And when it comes to data breach response, speed and skill are critical. Every minute counts. In order to limit operational disruption, data leakage, compliance complications, and damage to your corporate reputation, you need a data breach response plan that will quickly assess the source of the problem, and immediately begin mitigating further damage.

IBM's Emergency Response Services deploys a unified data breach response system in conjunction with experienced professionals to minimize the impact of a security incident, and implement a plan to prevent data breaches in the future. We know that most companies lack the resources to orchestrate a complete data breach response. And that's why the IBM team is available around the clock, and around the world.


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