Command and control center solution

Enhance your physical security with an integrated operations center

Organizations are moving their physical security devices from closed proprietary networks to IP-based networks to increase situational awareness and respond efficiently to incidents. You need a single dashboard style interface for all your unique physical security needs.

IBM Physical Security Services - command and control center solution provides a single, scalable graphical user interface to help you integrate, manage and maintain all your existing physical security systems and assets.



Service detail

Service details

Do you need to ensure high levels of physical security without significantly growing your security personnel or budget? Lack of interoperability between multiple, disparate security systems can significantly impact your business and operational efficiency and drive up costs. To meet your physical security needs, you need a single, graphical interface that enables you to control your security devices, report on incidents and manage compliance.

The IBM Physical Security Services - command and control center solution is designed to provide you the ability to control, monitor and maintain disparate security systems and assets through rapid development of a customized graphical user interface. An open, nonproprietary architecture helps you increase situational awareness through integration of your existing security infrastructure. Centralized and simplified operational control and reporting can help you optimize your investments and reduce costs. By enabling you to build automated security policies and response plans, we help you manage compliance. And, with system design, implementation, training and support services, we can be your single point of contact for all of your security requirements.

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