Application source code security assessment

Help reduce costs and risk by identifying application security gaps earlier
in the development cycle

The cost to fix a vulnerability jumps exponentially the deeper you are in the software development lifecycle (SDLC). When cyber attacks target the app layer where valuable data resides, are you equipped to handle this risk?

Built on a testing-as-a-service model, we use IBM® Rational® AppScan® Source Edition software to help deliver a robust application source code security assessment that can identify vulnerabilities early in the SDLC without requiring you to buy or maintain software. IBM can reduce remediation risks and costs while helping you manage compliance for app security testing.

A flaw in an app can leave your operations, employees, customers and partners open to fraud, identity theft and site defacement. With an application source code security assessment from IBM, you get:

  • Enhanced security posture

    When combined with the application security assessment from IBM, this service provides a more holistic view of your application security position

  • Mobile app source code review

    Static analysis increases security and integrity from the source, helping reduce risk and costs by identifying security weaknesses during the SDLC

  • Improved application productivity

    The assessment helps reduce application downtime and improve overall performance

  • Static testing

    IBM Rational AppScan software conducts static testing as a service, so there’s no need to buy or maintain software

  • Reduced cost and complexity

    The tool helps reduce risk, costs and complexity by identifying security gaps earlier in the SDLC and eliminating the need for in-house staff

  • Mobile app threat modeling

    Uncover attack vectors and build security requirements early in the development process, and make improvements to your overall SDLC

  • Improved compliance management

    IBM assesses your compliance state and delivers audit-ready reports to help drive regulatory compliance management for application security

Why IBM?

IBM is a market leader in application security and features hands-on specialists to interpret test results, validate findings and prioritize vulnerabilities for remediation. We use cutting-edge in-house technology and provide resources with unique application security and programming experience. We also offer dynamic testing and can correlate results for a complete, accurate assessment—providing a thorough picture of your application security posture.

IBM employs thousands of analysts and delivery specialists who provide security services for clients around the world. Our systems monitor 15 billion network events for our clients daily across 133 countries.