Application security

Gain web and mobile app protection
without limiting business operations

To thrive in today’s connected business arena, your apps and employees need Internet access—and increasingly, that access is through mobile devices. In fact, more people worldwide have mobile devices than use toothbrushes.1 It’s no surprise that mobile devices are doubly appealing to hackers for personal and business data.

IBM Application Security Services helps you assess your current and future web use requirements and then provides the layered security protection designed to address today’s worst threats. Businesses and users alike can protect themselves by applying basic security best practices around passwords, network segmentation and security-rich software development.

1IBM study: “The Mobile Enterprise: Engaging at the moment of awareness”

Protect the device
Use technologies such as mobile device management and enterprise mobility management solutions

Protect the application
Separate personal and employee data with containerization, sandboxing and application-level security

Protect the transaction
Help ensure that transactions can be protected from rooted and jailbroken devices, fraudsters and mobile malware

What we offer

Application security assessment

Assess your application vulnerability to help improve data and network security

Hosted application security management

Help reduce security risks to your mobile and web applications with a cloud-based solution

Application source code security assessment

Identify application security gaps earlier in the development cycle to help reduce costs and risk

Complimentary Security Health Scan

Ready for a quick scan?

This complimentary vulnerability assessment is a great first step if you’re not ready for a complete penetration test. Scan 10 different IP addresses once a week for three weeks, and check results on our security-rich, web-based portal.


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Fortifying for the Future

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IBM Emergency Response Services Subscription

IBM Emergency Response Services (ERS)

Take a proactive and preventive approach to potential security breaches

2014 Cost of Data Breach Study

2014 Cost of Data Breach Study

Industry-leading benchmarks from Ponemon Institute, sponsored by IBM.

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