Application security assessment

Help improve data and network security by assessing your application vulnerability

The sheer magnitude of compromised data from supposedly security-rich servers and mobile apps is shocking. Technologies such as virtualization and cloud help introduce new value to your business, but they can also add complexity to your infrastructure without really enhancing security measures. Hackers devise new ways to intercept sensitive data and plan malicious attacks on your systems every day.

The application security assessment from IBM taps the expertise of the IBM® X-Force® team to help resolve application and security issues before data thieves can exploit them.

We provide a “hacker’s eye” view of your security posture through attack simulations and assessing apps and the networks that support them. With the application security assessment, you get:

  • Enhanced security and data protection

    Simulated attacks identify weaknesses in your applications and provide detailed remediation steps

  • Mobile application dynamic assessment

    Penetration testing on mobile apps takes a hacker’s approach to identify and fix vulnerabilities that can lead to exploitation and attacks

  • Improved compliance management

    IBM assesses your compliance state and delivers specialized security consulting to help you manage regulatory compliance

  • Reduced cost and complexity

    Industry-leading assessment tools and services can be more economical than maintaining in-house security expertise

  • Improved performance

    The assessment helps reduce application downtime and improve productivity

  • Continuous reporting

    Detailed reports include recommendations for mitigating discovered risks

  • Leading security intelligence and resources

    Data analysis produces actionable and in-depth IBM insights that help reduce operating risk and effort

Why IBM?

IBM X-Force Research and Development is one of the world’s leading commercial security research and development teams. These security professionals monitor and analyze security issues from a variety of sources, including the X-Force database of more than 76,000 computer security vulnerabilities, its global web crawler and its international spam collectors.

IBM employs thousands of analysts and delivery specialists who provide security services for clients around the world. Our systems monitor 15 billion network events for our clients daily across 133 countries.