Advanced cyber threat intelligence

Build a better security strategy with insight tailored for your organization

To protect corporate data from cyber threats, companies need to have the right security technology, policies, and operations in place. But perhaps most important is having the right information. With up-to-date, customized intelligence about current and future threats, and a deep understanding of how well your security strategy stands up to these threats, you can better manage your defenses while reducing risk and making smarter investments.

IBM’s advanced cyber threat intelligence service gives you that insight. We combine our collection of billions of security events that happen daily with our partners’ threat analyses to deliver the most meaningful data so you can improve your security strategy.

IBM security experts have the industry knowledge to understand which threats are most applicable to you. And they coordinate with IBM managed and professional security services to provide you with the guidance you need to build a stronger security posture. With advanced cyber threat intelligence services you get:

  • Meaningful insight

    Learn what threats matter most to your organization from our analysis of worldwide threat information

  • Reduced costs

    Optimize your security resources according to the latest intelligence about attacker groups, tactics, and practices

  • Strategic guidance

    Determine next steps for acting on intelligence findings with guidance from our consultants

  • The complete picture

    Understand the threat landscape with data analysis pulled from billions of events that happen at thousands of organizations every day

  • A proactive approach

    Learn about security threats before they can cause serious damage to your organization

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Why IBM?

IBM provides unmatched global coverage and security awareness. We have thousands of consultants, analysts, and delivery specialists who provide security services for clients every day. IBM has 10 security research centers, 10 security operations centers, and 14 security development laboratories. We also have more than 1,000 security patents. Additionally, IBM manages tens of thousands of security devices for thousands of clients worldwide. Our systems monitor 15 billion network events for our clients each day across 133 countries.

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