Access management services

Simplify web access management to help reduce costs and improve security

Employees want access to critical applications and data, and you want to provide it. Just not to everyone. So how do you identify the right users and ensure they have fast, efficient access—while keeping everyone else out? And just as important—without increasing the burden on already stretched IT resources?

Access management services from IBM can help you establish access authorization, validation and single sign-on processes and policies across your organization. Validated users can get quicker, more efficient access to the information they need without navigating multiple login processes. IT staff can spend more time on high-value activities and less time validating and monitoring users. And with greater visibility and control over who has access to what, you can better manage regulatory and security requirements.

IBM web access management features

They get access, you get peace of mind. With IBM Access management, you can coordinate consistent access strategies, policies and processes without straining IT resources. You get:

Why IBM?

Building on the comprehensive capabilities of IBM identity and access management solutions, IBM can help you establish access authorization, validation and single sign-on processes and policies that can be applied and enforced across the organization. Our time-tested methodology for consistent delivery worldwide and nearly 50 years of security experience IBM offers a strategic approach to solve your most pressing web access management challenges.

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