SCADA Assessment

Taking a strategic approach to SCADA security

IBM Threat Mitigation Services - security enablement and vulnerability management - security assessments: SCADA Assessment helps reduce risk to SCADA systems, and encourages compliance with regulatory mandates by assessing and analyzing vulnerabilities that could lead to compromise.



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Service details

Protecting the nation's infrastructure

The number of successful cyber attacks against Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) and other process control systems at power generation stations, nuclear and petroleum production plants, water treatment facilities, mass-transit systems and other critical infrastructure systems has been increasing significantly.

Given the sensitive nature of what they protect, SCADA and Distributed Control Systems (DCS) are attractive targets for hackers and terrorists. IBM Security Services helps provide a comprehensive approach to SCADA security, including industry leading preemptive technologies to protect SCADA environments and Professional Security Services consultants who are experienced in assessing and analyzing the vulnerabilities of SCADA and other process control systems.

IBM SCADA Assessments help reduce risk to critical process control systems with thorough identification and analysis of internal and external vulnerabilities that could result in a successful breach. IBM will evaluate the overall effectiveness of the SCADA security management program against industry best practices, identify gaps and recommend action items for improving the security of the environment. The service also works to fulfill regulatory compliance mandates designed to protect critical process control systems from attack.

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