Risk assessment

Identify IT operational risks and develop a mitigation action plan

With IT operational risks continuing to evolve in number and complexity, maintaining business continuity can be difficult. Are you confident that your business is protected from risks that can disrupt your business operations?

IBM Resiliency Consulting Services - risk assessment can help identify and evaluate IT operational risks across your organization. We provide documented, customized recommendations to help you prioritize and build a business case for mitigation technologies and techniques.



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With the increasing threat of IT operational risks, including events driven by business, data and technology, it is crucial to be able to pinpoint where your business is most vulnerable. Once you have identified IT operational risks across your organization, you need to prioritize them based on their potential business impact and the likelihood of their occurrence in order to build a business case for appropriate mitigation investments. Without the right mitigation techniques and technologies, your business remains vulnerable to IT operational risks that could result in business disruptions.

IBM Resiliency Consulting Services - risk assessment provides experienced IBM resilience and continuity consultants to help you evaluate potential IT operational risks so you can minimize IT-related business disruptions. Through our comprehensive approach and time-tested methodology, we can help you assess, document, and prioritize IT operational risks based on their potential to disrupt your organization. We then recommend measures to help you better manage risks and prepare a business case to build support for investing in necessary mitigation measures.

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