Resiliency Consulting
Services – implementation
and testing

Test, validate and manage your recovery and continuity plans


As partners, customers and suppliers increasingly demand 24x7 availability, you need to ensure your business can still operate if an unforeseen event occurs. Your staff may not have the expertise or time to plan, test, implement and manage an enterprise-wide resilience program. IBM Resiliency Consulting Services – implementation and testing provides assistance implementing, testing and managing your business resilience program. We can help ensure your plan is fully tested and up to date so you can be confident it will work in any event.


Are you confident your business continuity and disaster recovery plans are up to date and can support your business in case of an unexpected disruption or opportunity? Business environments can change suddenly and frequently, but updates and testing of continuity and recovery plans may lag behind-leaving your customer-required business functions vulnerable. Are you confident your employees understand and can perform their roles in the recovery of your technical and business resources and processes?

IBM Resiliency Consulting Services - implementation and testing provides specialists who can help ensure your organization is ready for unanticipated events by helping you implement, test and manage your resilience program, including disaster recovery and business continuity. We can validate the effectiveness of your plans, identify gaps and weaknesses through testing, and help you successfully complete regularly scheduled disaster recovery tests.

What We Offer


Resilience plans: validation and testing

Build confidence in your business resilience plan's reliability


Resilience program and availability management

Ease management of your resilience program and systems availability