Resilience program design

Develop your business resilience governance structure

Effective governance of your resilience program can be essential to remaining current and meeting regulatory requirements. You need to develop a structured, comprehensive resilience program that integrates your goals with your IT and business resilience processes.

The resilience program design offering from IBM helps you to define a detailed governance structure and step-by-step resilience program road map. We can help you guide resilience resources to address current and future business and IT requirements.



Service detail

Service details

Do you have the resources and expertise needed to design a governance structure that can keep your resilience strategies and plans current, as well as meet the demands of business and industry regulators? Are you unsure of how to create a comprehensive resilience program that governs and maintains your resilience solution? You need an efficient way to develop, implement and manage a resilience program that efficiently leverages your investments.

IBM Resiliency Consulting Services - resilience program design can help you define a comprehensive, customized resilience program that integrates your unique business and IT requirements. Whether you need to enhance and update your current resilience program or create a new one, IBM experts can help you develop a tactical plan to implement or improve your governance structure. We can help you implement prioritized changes and identify gaps, so you can maintain the right level of oversight to help ensure your resilience program stays up to date with changing business and regulatory requirements.

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