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Enhance your IT security investment with robust Web application protection from IBM Security Services.

The number and intensity of Web-related threats to enterprise networks is at an all-time high. These rising threats, along with the countless vulnerabilities inherent in Web applications, make blocking attempts to attack your business an ongoing battle. To help you preempt attacks on your network from known and unknown sources, IBM embeds Proventia® Web application security in the latest models ¹ of our network and server intrusion prevention system (IPS) products, enabling you to strengthen your overall security posture.



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Service details

Fortifying your IT security solution with protection for Web applications

Web applications can help foster closer interactions with your customers and improve collaboration with your employees. During the past several years, however, the number of Web-related threats to enterprises of nearly all sizes has risen sharply. More than half of these attacks targeted Web applications. Even more alarming, by year-end 2008, nearly three quarters of all disclosed Web vulnerabilities had no patch available. A significant area of vulnerability, Structured Query Language (SQL) injection attacks, has increased by 30 times within the past six months.²This growing area of targeted attacks on sensitive information exploits Web sites by altering back-end code to manipulate data entered by users.

The increase in attacks is due in part to the sheer number of Web applications being developed, a number that is skyrocketing. In spite of their potential, the interactive nature of these new, collaborative techniques for sharing information makes them highly susceptible and vulnerable to attacks. To help protect your business, and reputation, you need to find ways to enhance your company's security solutions.

As part of the IPS portfolio, IBM Proventia Web application security can help address Web-related vulnerabilities and strengthen your security posture. Integrated into the latest models of the IBM Proventia family of network and server security products, this feature can help you control attacks at the network, gateway and server levels.

¹ Proventia Web application security is included through SiteProtector 7.0 and later software within the GX products, and within the Proventia Server and MX product lines during 2H of 2009.

² 2008 X-Force Trend & Risk Report. IBM Security Services.

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