Proventia Endpoint Secure Control

Providing consolidated, real-time visibility and control over endpoint security, endpoint data security, endpoint systems maintenance, and endpoint security configuration management and compliance

IBM Proventia®Endpoint Secure Control (ESC) streamlines security and operations for desktops, servers, and local and remote mobile computers. A single console manages best-of-breed products from multiple vendors. For infrastructures with 250 to 250,000 endpoints, Proventia ESC provides security visibility, preemptive protection and centralized management. The end result is increased efficiency, stronger protection and a reduction in security vendors and agents.



Service detail

Service details

Managing endpoint security, data protection and IT operations solutions from a single console

Meeting regulatory compliance demands and combating Internet threats requires constant vigilance, especially for enterprises with thousands of endpoints to secure and maintain. When even basic asset management can be an IT hassle, enterprises need an endpoint protection platform to help streamline security across large, diverse computing environments. Additional endpoint security management goals include:

To help progressive enterprises achieve these goals, IBM has launched Proventia ESC as the first solution to combine endpoint security and operations in a single management console. Proventia ESC can manage best-of-breed products from multiple vendors to increase protection while reducing costs and complexity for infrastructures ranging from 250 to 250,000 endpoints.



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