IBM SDN for Virtual Environments,
OpenFlow Edition

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Data centers are moving toward a new environment; one that is software defined. The proliferation of big data and devices like smart phones means data centers have to be dynamic and responsive. A Software Defined Environment (SDE) optimizes the entire computing infrastructure—compute, storage and network resources—so it can adapt to the type of work required. But networking is struggling to keep up. Even with recent advances, the physical network remains a bottleneck lacking the flexibility needed to accelerate business success.

IBM SDN for Virtual Environments, OpenFlow Edition is part of a family designed to create a unified network architecture supporting private, public and hybrid cloud environments. With its service chain infrastructure and common data model, SDN VE can respond to application requests for network functions using policy-based configuration and flow control. The result is a highly programmable platform for rapid deployment of networks in support of business applications.

The IBM SDN VE service chain infrastructure means that creating a service chain no longer requires additional hardware and that networks can dynamically respond to business needs. With the SDN VE common data model customers moving to cloud – public, private or hybrid – can group VMs across subnets with common, policy-based configurations. These capabilities can help reduce the time, cost and risk for designing, testing and delivering new network services and deploying cloud environments.

The OpenFlow Edition supports:

IBM SDN for Virtual Environments, OpenFlow Edition can help clients:

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