IBM Software Defined Networking

Enable rapid deployment of your cloud applications with network virtualization

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IBM SDN for Virtual Environments provides a common SDN architecture that brings the benefits of network virtualization to cloud environments. Clients will be able to deploy applications and workload environments using integrated overlay networks across hypervisors.

The SDN VE architecture is:

SDN is an integral component of a Software Defined Environment (SDE) and plays a critical role in enabling organizations to deliver IT services in the most efficient way possible. SDE optimizes your compute, storage and networking infrastructure so it can adapt to the type of work required.


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The emergence of SDN

IDC’s Whitepaper examines factors behind the rise of SDN, how SDN fits into SDE and some of the enterprise challenges solved by SDN.

Manage workloads with an efficient, scalable Software Defined Environment (SDE)

Rapidly emerging trends like cloud and big data mean it's time to re-architect IT.

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