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Data center networks today need to be adaptive and responsive while supporting a huge growth in data, thousands of devices attaching to their network, and the mobility of an increasing number of users. Leading edge data centers are moving toward a software defined model where compute, storage, and network resources are provisioned at the request of applications and guided by orchestration managers. IBM is focusing on developing technologies that will help clients build a Software Defined Environment (SDE) that optimizes their IT infrastructure and increases automation.

IBM SDN for Virtual Environments creates virtual networks for dynamic, cloud-based workloads. SDN VE includes a service chaining infrastructure enabling services such as firewalls, load balancers, and traffic monitors to be virtually inserted into the flow of network traffic. A unified data model allows end points to be grouped together without restriction to a subnet or location. And an OpenStack Neutron plug-in enables easy integration with orchestration managers. The SDN VE approach provides several advantages:

The IBM SDN VE service chain infrastructure means that creating a service chain no longer requires additional hardware and that networks can dynamically respond to business needs. With the SDN VE common data model customers moving to cloud – public, private or hybrid – can group VMs across subnets with common, policy-based configurations. These capabilities can help reduce the time, cost and risk for designing, testing and delivering new network services and deploying cloud environments.

IBM SDN for Virtual Environments can help clients:

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    IBM SDN for Virtual Environments is a distributed overlay virtual network that virtualizes existing physical networks without changing the physical network infrastructure.